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A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a legally constituted organization which is operated by a group of independent persons. In those cases where the NGOs are funded partially or completely by governments, the NGO barred the government representatives from any membership in the organization in order to sustain its non-governmental status. The term "non-governmental organization" does not have any agreed legal definition and generally are termed as "civil society organizations" in many jurisdictions.

All volunteers of the world who all are interested in social services, their most welcome here in this group. Let’s be together for them who need our help and let’s, make a new community which will be the awesome gift to the new generation. So please join us and Participate in the Activities of this N.G.O.

TIGERS (Talented and Impressive Group for Education and Real Social services) this is a volunteer's group who are interested in social services. The TIGERS (Talented & Impressive Group for Education & Real Social services) founded in the year 2013 (Registration No.RJ-168/2012-13) with three object

  1. Health
  2. Nature
  3. Education

Our mission is making a group of young people to help those who are weak and cannot do anything themselves. Clear to the evil in society and society’s to build a new India. We are inviting the people to join us, plant at least One Tree and assist us to achieve a target of One Million Trees in the Rajasthan. Promote tree plantation and protection of the environment. Create awareness in the society for good health, education and peace. We organize blood donation camps and tell to people about blood donation. We change the think about blood donation.

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