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Volunteers from all over the world who all are interested in social services, they are most welcomed in this group. Let's be together for them who all need our help and make a new community which will be a precious gift to the new generation. So come forward and join us and Help society by participating in the activities of the TIGERS.

TIGERS (Talented and Impressive Group for Education and Real Social services) this is a volunteer's group who are interested in social services. The TIGERS was founded in the year 2013 (Registration No.RJ-168/2012-13) with three objects.

  1. Health
  2. Nature
  3. Education(Child & Women)

Creation of a group of young people who, all are devoted to help those people who, all are weak and not able to find the right path or goal of their life is the main mission of TIGERS. We are inviting people to join us, planting at least One Tree and help us to achieve a target of One Million Trees in the Rajasthan. Promote tree plantation to protect the environment and create awareness in the society regarding good health, education and peace. We are also organizing blood donation camps and trying our best to let people know about the benefits of blood donation. We feel proud that our hard work has changed society's views about blood donation.

We are doing tree plantation in the guidance of Mr. Shyam Sundar Jyani. He is very concerned about preserving the nature. TIGERS is a team of dedicated nature lovers and we think that we all are the precious child of motherly EARTH and our voluntary's team is working to enhance the beauty of it. Nature is the beauty of EARTH and it's our duty to protect and he believes in giving more than taking from our mother nature enhance the beauty of it. Nature is a mixture of billions vivid species and most of these are reason of our existence. Hence it becomes a two way process that if we don't preserve there then we can't preserve our existence. Nature provides us care, protection, love and unlimited resources to live our life comfortably, but the question is that what we are doing to save it? In present scenario we are just becoming selfish and wasting unnecessarily nature's precious resources and neglecting the dangerous consequences of destroying them.

We should understand that we all can live without the upmost luxurious facilities but it will become impossible to live without nature's various resources. Now days whenever we talk about saving trees, saving mother earth or to stop global warming, everyone says "yes, we should do it, we should stop global warming" but the fact is that we only talk, we don't implement our words practically towards protecting trees, planting more trees and stop global warming. Our origination is doing various activities voluntarily to save trees, water, ozone and pure environment by planting more trees in rural and urban areas. The people who all really want to do work regarding making pure and clean environment, but due to lack of time and family responsibilities they are not able to fulfill their responsibilities towards the nature. It is not too late, just listen the voice of your heart and join hands together to save the holy Mother Nature. If you feel that our organizational is working on a right path than please support us to plant more and more trees because the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second best time is now.

For providing education to the poor and needy children we will be constructing a institute where these children can get education free of cost and in additions at the same place they will be provided with food and accommodation without any charges.

We are also creating awareness in society regarding blood donation that it is a healthy part of our life. The process is very simple and safe anyone having a hemoglobin percentage equal to us more than 14 can donate his/her blood. Always remember that by donating blood you can save the life of your friends, neighbor and your family member but most important you can save the life of a human being.

We are doing our best to provide batter and effective health and family welfare measures to the community by counseling, medical help, education, information and easy to carried out solutions. We are playing an active role to popularize the indigenous system of medicine and promoting RCH (Reproductive and Child Health) through Aayurveda and homeopathy. We are also in process of providing format continuous education system to minority and tribal section of the society. We will be opening counseling centers, legal advisory cells for empowering the women and will be running various skill development programs for women and children. Our motto is to strengthen socio-economic condition of every human being through self-employment, counseling and training support. As well as preserve healthy environment, maintain the ecology and provide better sanitation facility to the community.

While working on various prevailing issues we have conducted base line survey, research and analysis works and have organized disaster mitigation and relief management awareness campaigns. We are in the process of creating disaster management force of experts and skilled volunteers to provide immediate rescue and medical help and as well as to helping Re-construction and rehabilitation of the affected community in disaster struck area.

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