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S.No Date Program Name Event Detail
1. 12/01/2007 Blood Donation Camp on National Youth Day

On the National Youth Day with the help of Sanjivani blood bank and NSS unit of Dungar college a blood donation camp was held in college's Pratap Auditorium.
21 People including N.S.S. head Mr. S.S. Jyani and members of TIGERS : donated their blood.

2. 14/08/2007 On the 60th anniversary of Independence Day. Tree plantation Camp in Village Himatasar of Bikaner city.

On the 60th anniversary of independence Day with the help of Dungar college's NSS unit-4 a tree plantation Camp was held in the village Himatasar.
Hundreds of trees were planted by NSS head Mr. S.S. Principal Jyani, M.L.A. Mr. Virendra Beniwal, Dr. R.G. Bhutda and the Members of TIGERS.

3. 25/01/2008 Blood donation camp on the eve of Republic Day

On the eve of Republic Day 51 unit blood was donated to Sanjivani Blood Bank with the help of Dungar College's N.S.S. Unit-4 and Mahindra and Mahindra finance Bikaner.

4. 02/07/2008 Social service at Bajrang Dhora and Education Survey Camp in Rampura Basti of Bikaner

During Social Service Scheme of Shahid Major Jems Thomas Govt. Sr. Sec. School an education Survey Camp was organized in the leadership of Dharmveer Singh Nathawat and Rahul Sharma. 362 families were surveyed in the camp.
A part from that Camp the member of TIGERS group also did cleaning and social work in the school area and Bajrang dhora.

5. 04/08/2008 National Record of planting one lakh five thousand trees in 3.50 minutes were made

With the collaboration of Dungar College's N.S.S. Unit-4; TIGERS group created a National Record of Planting 1,05,000 trees in 3.50 minutes at Village Gajsukhdesar of Nokha Tehsil. The program was attended by M.L.A. Mr. Virendra Beniwal, Dungar College Principal MR. P.R. Ojha, Marubhumi Service and Research Institute's development officer Dr. Rajendra Mund and Village Sarpanch Mr. Bhawar Lal Bishnoi.

6. 05/09/2008 Labor Service on Talented NCC Cadets Awards ceremony

Various labor works were done by TIGERS member on the NCC Cadets Awards Ceremony of 1st Raj R & V SQN NCC at veterinary college of Bikaner City.

7. 20/09/2008 Condolence Ceremony was held in the respect of Shahid Ins. M.C. Sharma

A condolence ceremony was held at Dungar college's Vigyan Bhawan in the respect of Shahid Police Inspector Mr. Mohan Chandra Sharma, who was shot dead while fighting with terrorists in New Delhi. Along with TIGERS president Mr. Dharmveer Singh Nathawat, H.O.D. Mr. K.M. Bhartiya and Damodar Joiya every member of TIGERS group took oath of fighting with terrorist.

8. 05/09/2008 Condolence Ceremony in the respect of Solders who all died in Mumbai's terrorist attack

A condolence ceremony was held by TIGERS group in respect of Shahid ATS head Mr. Hemant Karkore. ACP Ashok Aamte, Salaskarm NSG commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishanan, Gajendra Singh and other solders.

9. 09/02/2009 Blood donation to 108 emergency services Ambulance

11 units blood was donated to 108 Emergency Ambulance Service by TIGERS Group.

10. 20/03/2010 Education tour of Bangladesh.

President of TIGERS group Mr. Dharmveer Singh Nathawat was selected in Youth Exchange Program-2010. It was 10 days educational tour to Bangladesh where he represented the Rajasthan State from Indian side. During this tour he got chance to meet India's president, Prime Minister and defense secretary as well as higher authorities of Bangladesh's defense forces. Mr. Dharmveer Singh presented India and Rajasthan culture in that tour and participated in various activities.

11. 20/09/2011 Tree plantation and blood donation camp in Churu district's village Bhojan

In the collaboration of TIGERS group and employees of Narega a blood donation and tree plantation Camp was held in Churu District's village Bhojan.

12. 27/09/2012 Water preservation and blood donation Camp.

On the celebration of Shahid Bhagat Singh's birthday a water preservation and blood donation Camp was held in Bikaner district's village Mehansar. TIGERS group's president Mr. Dharmveer Singh and Secretary Mr. Sunil Kumar Lohamrod created awareness in between people of Mehansar village regarding water preservation.

13. 22/03/2013 Registration of TIGERS Group

On the occasion of Shahid Diwas and in the presence of all member a committee was established and TIGERS(Talented and Impressive Group for Education and Real Social services).

14. 25/03/2013 Development of Nursery in Churu District.

TIGERS group has developed a nursery of thousands of trees in Churu District's Village name Sandan.

15. 19/04/2013 Food and water provided for birds and animal to protect from high heat.

With collaboration of Danik Bhaskar TIGERS group has arranged food and water for birds and animals at various public place, Schools and college to protect them from high heat in summer days.

16. 03/05/2013 Fruit distribution and blood donation to deaf and Dumb children.

On the occasion of Rajasthan Chief Minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot's Birthday the members of TIGERS distributed fruits in Govt. School for deaf and dumb students and 15 unit blood was donated to Sanjivani Blood Bank.

17. 16/05/2013 Tree Plantation in Dungar College, Bikaner

With the help of N.S.S. Unit-4, members of TIGERS did tree plantation in Dungar College's Campus to made proper arrangement to preserve all trees and plants.

18. 13/07/2013 Development of Nursery in village Tasar(Badi) of Sikar District.

TIGERS group has developed a nursery in Sikar District village Tasar(Badi), Where in the direction of TIGERS president Mr. Dharmveer Singh Nathawat and in to leadership of TIGERS Secretary Mr. Sunil Kumar Lohamrod TIGERS group has developed a nursery of more than 2500 plant of different verities. These trees will be planted in each and every home of village Nathawatpura.

19. 24/07/2013 Fruit distribution to Deaf and Dumb children

TIGERS's president Mr. D.S.Nathawat, Secretary Mr. S.K. Lohamrod, Sikar District's Vice-District Head Mr. Nagendra Singh Nathawat and Mr. Nimish Narayan Gautam distributed fruits for deaf and dumb children to student of Govt. School, Bikaner.



Financial and Medical Help Provided to the Physically Challenged Mulla Ram.

A survey were done by TIGERS’s Sirohi District Head Mr. Mahaveer Singh to know about the various problems of Keral Villege of shivganj tehsil. During this survey he comes in contact of the family of Mula Ram who became physically challenged because of a road accident, Because he was the only man in that whole family so taking this problem seriously Mr. mahaveer Singh spoke to various department heads. Through his constant try and efforts Shivganj C.M.O. Dr. Kaushol Arohi took this matter in his consideration and Mula Ram was provided with free Medical facilities. The children of Mula  Ram were admitted to school by TIGERS.



Tree Plantation Camp held in the ground of Govt. Secondary School of Keral Village.

 In the leadership of TIGERS’s Sirohi District Head Mr. Mahaveer Singh a tree plantation Camp were held in Govt. Secondary School, Keral, Shivganj. School principal, staffs and students took a active participate in the camp. To guard plants a team of students were stabilized and they were given the duty of watering them. An announcement was made that selected students will be awarded in upcoming 26 jan.



Two days Environment and Social Awareness cum Financial support program at  Keral, Shivganj, Sirohi, Rajasthan.

Two days Environment and Social Awareness cum financial Program held in the Govt. Sec. School Keral by TIGERS Sirogi District Head Mr. Mahaveer Singh.
TIGERS Sirohi District Head Mr. Mahaveer Singh briefed about the environment and importance of education. In this program school kit, Clothe for winter and financial support were provided to the needy children of Govt. Sec. School, Keral.



Village survey and social Awareness program started regarding bad rituals practiced in village Keral, Shivganj, Sirohi, Rajasthan.

A Survey were done by TIGERS in the village Keral, Shivganj, Sirohi, to get to know about the various socially bad rituals practiced in the village. During this survey TIGERS team came to know about the current situation of Keral Villeg’s Society. Survey results shows that there are various bad rituals life like child marriage, Dewey System, Killing unborn girls  are still practicing in the village society. Specially in lower class and un educated groups. TIGERS Sirohi District Head Mahaveer Singh tried to stop these practices. For this purpose various meeting were held in village in the presence of their society leaders.



Tree Plantation in Rampuria College, Bikaner

A tree plantation program were held in the campus of Rampuria College, Bikaner. TIGERS’s Dharmveer Singh Nathawat, Sunil Kumar Lohamrod, Bharmprakash Yadav, Nagendra Singh, Pawan Kumar, Mahaveer Singh and Puran Singh took active participate in the program. Post plantation a group seminar asked to preserve nature and as well as to take active part in upcoming election voting.



Motivational Programe were held in RNRSV School Bikaner

A Motivational speech program cum seminar was held in RNRSV School Bikaner by TIGERS. Mr. Virendra Singh Rathore of TIGERS briefed students about the keys and funda’s of success and also advised them to not get caught in bad habbits.




10Days Social Awareness camp organized in Village Nathawatpura, Sikar District.

A ten days social awareness cam was organized by TIGERS in village Nathawatpura, Sikar District. During this camp villager were given information on various topics like Women & Child education, Blood Donation, Nature Preservation and other social issues.
Farmer Sarpanch Mr. Jitendra Singh Nathawat and special guest Mr. Ajit Singh Husainpura praised about the organization’s work. On the final day closing ceremony Blood donation camp and tree plantation camp were organized. Invited honorable gifts were given by TIGERS’s patron Mr. Daulot Singh Charan.
In the same camp youth motivational talk and meeting were also held. TIGERS president Dharmveer Singh Nathawat, Secretary Mr. Sunil Kumar Lohamrod, Vice President Bharmprakash Yadav, Vice-treasure Narendra Singh Rathore, Nagor District ‘s vice-district head Ms. Shiwani Rajawat, Shirohi District head Mahaveer Singh, Jodhpur District head Krishan Singh Rathore,  Dev Kumar Godara, Ashok Kumar Godara, Bikaner Vice-district head Roonam Chand Jat, Gauttam Meghwal, Majon Kumar, Mukesh Kulhari and TIGERS’s Patron Daulat Singh Charan took active participate. 

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