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First of all in the year of 2007 Mr. Dharmveer Singh Nathawat Founder, Director & the President of TIGERS group along with his few close friends Mr. Braham Prakash Yadav, Rahul Kumar, Imran Ali, Deepak Ram Prajapat, Nagendra Singh Nathawat & Nimish Narayan Goutam created the base foundation of TIGERS. After that as time passed they gathered their other friends and started working as a joined origination.

After some time in the year 2008 Girl candidates were also added in TIGERS group. Miss Suman Shekhawat became the first lady member of TIGERS and the continued their journey in social services.

In the same period in august 2008 TIGERS started working with NSS (National Service Scheme) origination. The tree plantation camping held in the village Gajsukhdesar was proved a biggest success for them. They created a national record of planting one lakh five thousand trees in three minutes fifty seconds. This record was mark in the Limca book of national awards in 2009.

Later in 2009 while showing more dedication in nature and Social Services, TIGERS started working in the guidance of NSS head Mr. Shyam Sundar Jyani.

In the year 2010 one more great movement came in the journey of TIGERS when Mr. Sunil Kumar Lohamrod joined the group and become TIGERS's Director and Secretary. Mr. Lohamrod became a milestone in TIGERS's success story. He changed the entire scenario of TIGERS with his great views and thoughts.

In the time period of year 2009 to 2012 TIGERS has successfully done various activities like Blood Donation, Nature Preservation, Girl Education, Tree Plantation, Water Preservation, Providing Food, Shelter and education to poor and migrated children and against embryo Killing etc.

In year 2013 TIGERS registered their organization as a non profitable organization. The name of the organization was kept T.I.G.E.R.S. (Talented & Impressive Group for Education & Real Social services). Now TIGERS is working as a state level N.G.O.

For organization's smooth and efficient work they have selected Mr. Dharmveer Singh Nathawat as their first President Mr. Sunil Kumar Lohamrod as their first Secretary and Mr. Virendra Singh Rathore as their first Treasurer.

Now TIGERS is working on a large scale in the field of Education, Nature and Health and trying its best way to create more awareness in society and as well as in whole state regarding these aspects.

They believe that by working hard and sincerely in these fields they can take Rajasthan on the path of well developed states.

From 2013 onwards TIGERS have started making nursery of various trees in different village so that they can be planted in a large amount in homes and towns.

In year 2013-14 TIGERS is planning to organize a state level competition named TALENT FINDER in the field of Drawing and Handwriting.

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