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Vision & Mission

Our thinking:

"The main motto of our Blood Donation Camps is to make people understood the important of blood in our life. We want to make sure by one continuous efforts that no one loss his or her life by the lack of blood. A part from Blood Donation Camps we also emphasis and support to the Child and Women education. It is a well know phrase in our Indian Culture that a mother is the first teacher of a child's life. Hence it become very important that we take proper actions in this path of Women Education and as well as the child education in rural area of our state & country And the last but not least working area of our NGO is nature preservation. Today in this hectic and hastleful life of mankind no one think and notice about our holly mother nature and because of that trees are decreasing in numbers day by day. We all should understand that the Mother Nature is the only resource provided in our life and without that we want be able to survive on this earth." With this thought we organize Camps and motivate society regarding tree plantation.

Our Vision & Mission:-

Our mission statement is "DANTOTSU" it is a Japanese word which mean to striving to be best service provider for the society and our vision is the improvement in the quality of life of Indian citizen while working for sustainable development.

The further prospects of TIGERS NGO are as followed:-

· We look forward to become a national identity before the year 2018.
· We look forward to have a hostel cum food center with the name of TIGERS NGO in each metro city of our state, which can provide food and accommodation to the poor and needy children and woman.

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